Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

3.3.1 Liquid UI Client License

Client License

The standalone client license only supports a direct connection to SAP. You can purchase the license from the App and obtain a client license through an email from synactive. Following option is used to purchase the license through In-App.

  • Purchase through In-App

1. Purchase through In-App

The Liquid UI for iOS requires a valid license on the device itself in order to function and this license will be installed on the device. You can obtain this license by making a request to Synactive. If Liquid UI does not find a valid license, it will function for only a few screens - typically one to five screens - before requiring a valid license.

You must install a valid license in order to continue using the client. To purchase Liquid UI Client license on iOS, please do the following;


  1. Launch Liquid UI and view the limited number of screens allowed by the non-licensed version.
  2. The following message will appear, prompting you to select a method to purchase a client license. To purchase from App itself, you can select the Purchase through In-App.
  3. Click the Buy Client License button.
  4. Enter Apple password and click BUY. and then continue.
  5. You are navigated to a form to fill the credit or debit card details for purchasing procedures.
  6. Our team will get in touch with you for further license assistance.