Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

4.2.1 Connection Restoration

The Liquid UI for iOS includes a new feature for restoring all your server connections for storing the data. This is useful if you experience a devastating crash or you accidentally delete the Liquid UI client from your iOS device, as all associated data and settings will be deleted as well. In this section, we will demonstrate the restore feature.

Note: The restoration is handled through the icloud service available in your iOS to successfully restore your server connections.
  1. Click the settings icon in your iOS device and select the icloud and move the slider to ON.
  2. Launch Liquid UI and click on the Navigation bar present on the upper right corner of the server connections screen, then you will see the below screen.
  3.  Click the Appsettings button. Under this button, you can find following options as shown.
  4.  Select the Backup settings to iClould, you will see the following message confirming that your server connections data is saved to icloud. You can now use Liquid UI as you did prior to losing the connections.
  5. To restore the server connections in case of sudden crash occured to the Liquid UI App, select Restore settings from icloud after installing a new Liquid UI App.
  6.   Then, you can view a message stating "restored from icloud". If this doesnot happen, then please contact Synactive Support.