Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

6.3 Menus

  1. In SAP, menus are listed across the top of the SAP GUI window as shown below:
  2. However, in Liquid UI the SAP menus are hidden by default in order to increase the available screen area. To display the menus, click on the settings icon in the upper right corner (shown below):
  3. The menus will then expand as displayed below


The available menus are the same as those in SAP. The menu list is divided into two sections, as follows:

System Menu:

  • Corresponds to the SAP menu options found along the top of the SAP GUI window.

Context menu:

  • Corresponds to the options that are accessed from the context menu when you right-click in SAPGUI. However, all context menu options are listed in Liquid UI, unlike SAPGUI where the menu options will change depending on the screen.
  • To expand a given menu option, click on the individual entry in the list. The menu will display all items contained in the top-level menu.
  • If a menu has a blue arrow beside it, you can execute the action associated with the menu item by clicking on the arrow.
  • Below example display the execution of the Sales document menu.