Liquid UI - WS Reference Library Connecting to SAP

Direct Connections to SAP

In this section, we will explain how to create a new conenction directly to a SAP application server. You can create profiles for both direct connections and for server connections. Profiles will be explained in the Profiles section later in this document.

Note: Please note that in order to perform printing functions, Liquid UI Mobile must connect to SAP through a Liquid UI Server

To create a connection to a SAP application server, please do the following.

    1. Launch Mobile on your handheld device by double-clicking on the icon.
    2. The Logon Pad screen appears as shown below:

    3. Click the New button.
    4. A new window displays as shown below. In the Description field, enter a description of the SAP system. In the Application Server field, enter the name of the SAP application server.

      Enter the following data:


      Enter a description of the SAP server./ This can be anything.

      Application Server

      Enter the name or the IP address of the SAP application server.

      SAProuter String

      Leave this blank - a SAPRouter connect string would go here if you are using a SAPRouter.

      System Number

      Enter the system number of the SAP application server.

    5. Verify that your information is correct and click OK.
    6. A new entry will be added as shown in the following example.

      Enter the following data:


  • Click on the new connection to highlight it and then click the Logon button. You can also double-click the new connection to launch it.
  • The logon screen will display as shown below.

  • Enter your logon credentials and then click Enter
  • The SAP Navigation Menu will display.
    Note: Your Navigation menu may look different than our example.
  • You have now successfully logged into SAP.
  • To close the connection, choose the Close Connection option from the Mobile menu as shown below.

    Note: This option will close all open sessions. You can close a single connection by choosing the Logoff Session option. This will close your session, but will not disconnect your device from SAP if additional sessions are open.