Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

4.1 Mobile Printing

Beginning with the Mobile release, Mobile enables you to print from a line printer. This works by utilizing the Mobile device’s built-in Bluetooth stack to emulate a COM port, which can then be specified in the configuration settings. Once this is done, the Mobile device can be set to print either using the existing Front End Printing functionality, or by using the added functionality of Front End printing with control technology. These two types of printing are as follows:

  • Printing with SAPWIN
  • Printing with Others

As the previous section suggests, Mobile supports two basic types of printing. The first type, which Liquid UI had previously supported, is printing with SAPWIN, also known as the 'F' method. The second type, which is added in the builds of Mobile and Server referenced above, is printing using any other method aside from SAPWIN (also known as the 'G' method). The difference between these two is that the 'F' methods prints to a predefined printer, while the 'G' method permits a user to choose the printer to which the device will print. This document will be divided into four major sections, as follows:

  • Required Files
  • Universal Print Settings
  • Printing with SAPWIN
  • Printing with Others

Each section will be further subdivided into the three main configurations that need to be made. These sections are listed below.

  • SAP Settings
  • Mobile Settings
  • GuiXT Server Settings
Note: Printing is only enabled when you connect to SAP through a Liquid UI Server. You will not be able to print when you are connected directly to SAP.

The process to configure mobile printing varies for each device, depending on the installed operating system. Therefore the included screens are intended only as a general example - individual devices may not follow exactly the same paths. Synactive recommends that users follow the process applicable to the specific device.

Required Files

The files you will need to enable printing are as follows.

Liquid UI Mobile

The Liquid UI Mobile client resides on a Windows-based handheld device. Previous builds of Mobile supported printing with SAPWIN only. Therefore users must ensure that the correct build is installed on the Mobile client in order to enable Mobile printing. Releases that support the printing functionality are Mobile 4.1.101 or above.

Liquid UI Server

The Liquid UI Server is also required in order to enable Mobile printing. Liquid UI Server resides on a Windows-based server. Please see the Server documentation for more detailed information. You must have Liquid UI Server in order to print - you cannot connect directly to a desktop and print, since all print requests must go through the Liquid UI Server. Therefore, you must be using Liquid UI Server in conjunction with the Mobile client. The printing functionality must also be supported on the Server. Server releases that support this functionality are Liquid UI Server 3.3.301 and above.