Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

4.2.1 Configuring Bluetooth

For every Mobile device, the Bluetooth stack must be configured to support printing. To configure the Bluetooth stack on your Mobile device, please do the following:
  1. Go to the Settings as shown below.

  2. Choose the Connections tab and click on Wireless Manager as shown below:

  3. Click Menu and select Bluetooth Settings as shown below:

  4. The Bluetooth Explorer will display. Click Menu and select 'New Connection' as shown below:

  5. The New Connection wizard will start as shown below. Click Next.

  6. Select a Bluetooth device to add and click Next.
    Note: In our example, we will be adding a Bluetooth printer.

  7. Select a Bluetooth service to add and click Next.
    Note: In our example, the service will be a printer service.

  8. Enter the Device Name and check the 'Save as Favorite' checkbox as in the following example. Enter a name for the favorite and click Next:

  9. The Connection Summary will display. Verify that all information is correct and click Connect:

  10. The Connection Information screen will display. Ensure that the Service Type is set to 'Serial Port' and select a COM Port. COM Port values can be 1 -9. Remember which value was used, as the same value must be set in the Registry, which we will discuss next. In this example, we will specify COM4 as shown below.

  11. Click OK. The Favorites window will display with the message 'Connection Successful' as shown below.
    Note: You can only have one Favorite at a time. If there are any existing favorites, you must remove them before you can add a new Favorite.

  12. Go to the Wireless Manager in the Settings and verify that Bluetooth is turned on in the Mobile device as shown below:

  13. Verify that the Bluetooth printer is turned on.
  14. In the Mobile device, connect to your newly configured Favorite.
  15. When the device successfully connects to the printer, a green arrow will appear over the favorite (as shown at the bottom of the screen below). This indicates that the printer is successfully connected to the Bluetooth device.