Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

4.3.2 SAPWIN Mobile Settings

Mobile Settings

Once you have configured SAP, you must configure the Mobile device as well. To configure the Mobile device for SAPWIN printing, please do the following.
  1. Go to the following link and download the Symbol printer driver. This is the driver that will enable the device to print. The linked page includes a list of supported devices:
    • <xref scope="external" type="html" href=""></xref>
  2. Download and unzip the compressed driver folder. The current file version on the website is as follows: ''
    Note: Unzip the compressed file to the application folder on the target system. This is typically found at: /application.
  3. Copy everything in the /application folder on the target system to the /application folder on the device as shown below.

  4. On the mobile device, run ''. This will unpack the CAB file and distribute the necessary components to the device.
  5. Copy the 'SymbolPrinterDriver.dll' file into the same directory as the GuiXT Mobile executable (SynMobile.exe).
    Important: This step is very important - if the SymbolPrinterDriver DLL is copied into a different folder, the printing operation will fail.
  6. The Mobile configuration file (GuiXTMobile.sy3), insert the following line under the [General] section:
  7. Copy the GuiXTMobile.sy3 file into the GuiXT Mobile folder on the device.
  8. Your Mobile device is now correctly configured to print via the SAPWIN driver.