Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

4.4.2 Non-SAPWIN Mobile Settings

Mobile Settings

Once you have configured SAP, you must configure the Mobile device as well. To configure the Mobile device to print using non-SAPWIN drivers, please do the following.
  1. Open the GuiXTMobile.sy3 file on your system.
  2. The following line in the [General] section:
    Note: The colon at the end of the line is required. The COM port can be any number from 1-9. The only requirement is that the COM port number entered in the GuiXTMobile.sy3 file must match the COM port specified in the device's Favorites. In our example, we entered 'COM4' in the Favorites, so we will enter 'COM4' in the GuiXTMobile.sy3 file as well.
  3. Save your changes and the changes and copy the edited GuiXTMobile.sy3 file to the GuiXT Mobile folder on the device.
  4. Your Mobile device is now correctly configured to print using non-SAPWIN drivers.