Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

4.5 Smart Attributes

Smart Attributes are special settings that you can attach to a given edit field. There are six available smart attributes, as follows:

Pattern Matching

Pattern Matching specifies that the values entered in the field must match a pre-defined pattern. The key is rf_pattern and the values can be either a string containing the wild cards '?' or '*' or a literal.


Contains a transaction code where the values entered will be used. Validation is used together with pattern matching. If validation is used then the value entered into the field must match the pattern in order for the validation to succeed and for the process to continue. The key is rf_validate.


The auto-tab specifies a given number of seconds before the process will proceed to the next field. The key is rf_autotab and the value will be an integer that specifies the time to wait in seconds.


This smart attribute contains an SAP transaction code to execute. The key is rf_page_autosend.


This smart attribute will trigger an RF ID read operating. The key is rf_rfid. RFID functionality is explained in more detail later in this document.


This smart attribute will trigger a barcode read operating. The key differs depending on the device used. For iOS devices, you will need to include the key 'rf_barcode=true' in your script. For Windows-based handhelds, the functionality is actually included in the device, so the barcode read operation will automatically be triggered if the scanner detects a barcode. Barcode functionality is explained in more detail later in this document.

Each smart attribute is explained in more detail in the following sections. For examples of how to code a smart attribute in your scripts, please consult the WS Reference Library on the Synactive website.

Note: Access to the Reference Library is available to paid customers only.