Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

4.5.3 Auto-Tab

The Auto-Tab smart attribute is designed to eliminate the necessity for users to manually tab after entering data into a field. While it can be used for situations where users are manually entering text, the most common usage is with bar-code readers where field entry is performed by doing a scan.

In either case, the value embedded in the Auto-Tab smart attribute specifies a delay time in seconds. The counter begins and resets when any character is entered into a field marked with this attribute. The way it works is that once a character is entered, Mobile will automatically tab to the next field when the delay time is passed. For example, if the Auto-Tab has a delay time of five seconds, then five seconds after the first character is entered, Mobile will automatically tab to the next field. Mobile automatically detects whether a barcode is or is not being performed. If a barcode scan is performed, Mobile will auto-tab to the next field one second after the scan is completed regardless of the value specified for the Auto-Tab attribute. If there is a significant pause in the data entry (currently set at five seconds), Mobile will assume the user is done entering text on that field, but will not tab to the next field.

Since Auto-Tab is treated the same as a 'done entering text' signal, pattern-matching and validation can also be performed on the fields after an Auto-Tab occurs.

Please see the WS Reference Library for more detailed information, including script samples, on using the Auto-Tab smart attribute.