Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

4.5.4 Auto-Submit

The Auto-Submit smart attribute is designed to execute a transaction code or function code after entering all data into all the fields on a specified page. It can be used for manual typing, but it is most commonly used in situations where barcode readings are being scanned. If any field on a given page is marked with the Auto-Submit attribute, then Mobile will automatically execute the transaction or function codes assigned to the attribute as long as all fields on the page contain valid input.

Because Auto-Submit takes place only when all fields on a given page contain valid entries, it can only occur after both pattern-matching and validation are performed. It is also mostly transparent to the user. Once pattern-matching and validation are performed on the screen in question, the script will clear the current screen, catch the instructions contained in the Auto-Submit attribute and then a new screen which can be either the same screen or a different screen will appear. The script author can specify what actually will occur when Auto-Submit is performed.

Please see the WS Reference Library for more detailed information, including script samples, on using the Auto-Submit smart attribute.