Liquid UI - WS Reference Library General Questions

The general questions we will cover about Mobile are as follows.

Is Liquid UI Mobile client a plug in for SAP PDA client or is it a standalone product?

Liquid UI Mobile is a standalone product. It is a native Windows CE and PocketPC client application.

What are the Liquid UI Mobile executable for each Windows mobile operating system?

The current combinations are as follows:

  • GuiXTMobile-PP03up.exe = Windows Mobile
  • GuiXTMobile-CE.exe = Windows CE
  • GuiXTMobile-SymbolCE.exe = Windows CE in Symbol device
What are the upgrade instructions for a Liquid UI Mobile implementation used with Liquid UI Server and SynWatchdog?

SynWatchdog is integrated into the latest versions of GuiXT Server. To upgrade, please do the following:

  1. Obtain the latest version of GuiXTMobile-CE.exe from Synactive Sales or Support.
  2. Copy the new version to your device.
  3. Stop the existing Synactive Proxy Service on your GuiXT Server.
  4. Remove Synactive Proxy Service by typing 'sapproxy.exe -remove' in the command prompt.
  5. Copy the new SynWatchdog application and configuration file to the same location as the GuiXT Server install location.
  6. Place the following lines in SynWatchdog.ini to email the system administrator if GuiXT Server should crash:

    //Email SMTP Server
    AdminSMTPServer=[your SMTP server name]
    // Adminstrator Email address. Use semicolon to add more than one address
  7. Install SynWatchdog service by typing 'synwatchdog.exe -install' in a command prompt window.
  8. Start the SynWatchdog service. This will automatically start GuiXT Server as well.
What do the Liquid UI Mobile components actually do?

Liquid UI Mobile enables SAP users to view native SAPGUI transactions on Windows-based handheld devices. If the transactions have been customized, users can view them in the handheld device by utilizing GuiXT Server and GuiXT Mobile together.

Is any middleware necessary between the SAP ERP application server and the handheld device?

No middleware is required. However, it is possible to add convenience and functionality by using Liquid UI technology to deliver customized screens especially made to fit the Mobile device's screen. These customized screens are created in Liquid UI Designer and delivered to the handheld device via Liquid UI Server.

Does the Designer make scripts that enable the Liquid UI client work exactly like the SAP client for SAP servers?

Liquid UI Mobile already is a full SAP client. Designer enables users to create customized screens for either SAPGUI or for Liquid UI Mobile, making both easier to use.

What do I need to buy in order to run Liquid UI Mobile on a handheld device?

Assuming SAPGUI is already installed, you need to purchase the Mobile client and a valid Mobile license. If you want to do custom transactions, you will also need to purchase Liquid UI Server.

Why does the license show 'will expire in XX days' even though a lifetime Liquid UI Mobile or Liquid UI Server license was purchased?

License durations are typically valid for one year. If a license is valid for 84 days, customers can upgrade Liquid UI Mobile or Liquid UI Server to the latest version before the license expires. Once a license expires, customers can continue to use the current edition of Liquid UI Mobile or Liquid UI Server. However, it will no longer be possible to upgrade without purchasing a new license.

Can I set a start transaction in Mobile?

Yes. Please see the Profile Settings section for instructions on setting a start transaction.