Liquid UI - WS Reference Library


Liquid UI WS is the Synactive implementation of JavaScript, called Webscript (WS). All scripting is done using this powerful, ECMAScript-based language. Webscript uses the concept of object-oriented programming. This concept is embedded in this language to enable developers to build powerful, portable scripts.

Webscript is best described as a base of JavaScript – while conceptually both work in similar way, but in terms of functionality both Webscript and JavaScript has their own set of libraries. Utilizing the JavaScript-based Webscript, customers can create better customization and streamlining of SAP business processes. Webscript also introduces the ability to reuse blocks of code and the concept of object-based scripting as opposed to the procedural-based model employed in the legacy GuiXT. Applied to Liquid UI, object-oriented programming enables users to create Liquid UI scripts that are reusable and which contain objects and functions that can be shared between multiple scripts.

Liquid UI WS (WebScript) technology is developed to meet the following challenges faced by SAP users.

  • An inexperienced programmer in ABAP causes problems in SAP customizations.
  • Ambiguity in understanding code as how different modules of SAP application system will interact.
  • Default SAP interface is cluttered with all possible options
  • A transaction spans across multiple screens

The vision of Liquid UI WS is to provide a technology to customize SAP screens:

  • Easy to implement
  • Reduces time and effort using SAP
  • Provides a better user experience
  • Increases overall productivity