Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

6.7 View Menu

In the View Menu shown below, users can toggle between the WYSIWYG and script editors, turn the toolbars on and off, toggle the status bar on and off, and refresh the Designer with a new SAP screen. You can also refresh the Designer screen and show or hide the Status bar from the View menu. The View menu appears as shown below.

The available options are as follows.


The WYSIWYG option toggles between the WYSIWYG and script editors. WYSIWYG allows for drag-and-drop and graphic editing of the SAP screens, while the script editor is where you can directly hard-code your scripts. The icon appears as follows.


The Toolbar option (shown below) enables you to display or to hide the various toolbars in Designer.

The available toolbars are as follows:

Standard toolbar

The Standard toolbar contains the icons for standard Windows operations such as Copy, Paste, and Find. This toolbar also contains the icons for some operations in the Edit, View, Tools, and Help menus. Please see the Toolbar section for a detailed discussion of the actions available on the Standard toolbar.

GuiXT Toolbar

The GuiXT Toolbar contains the options for the functions previously introduced in the GuiXT Menu section of this document. Please see the Toolbar section below for a more detailed discussion of the features in the GuiXT Toolbar.

Task Pane

The Task Pane contains links to recently used scripts. In addition, you can do the following.

  • Open script files in Designer by clicking the documents link.
  • Display the associated SAP screen by clicking the Retrieve screen from SAP link.
  • Turn on the system trace by clicking the Turn System Trace On link.

    Note: You must be logged into SAP in order to use the 'Retrieve' and 'System Trace' links. In addition, the 'System Trace' link is only available when a SAP screen is open in Designer.

The Task Pane appears as shown below.

Status Bar

The Status Bar is located at the very bottom of the Designer window as shown below.

The Status Bar has the following features. If the feature is active, the text will be white; it is gray if the feature is not active.


Typically shows as 'Ready' as in the example. Other statuses also can display depending on the state of the application.


Shows if the Caps lock is on or off. In our example, the caps lock is off.


Shows if the Number lock is on or off. In our example, it is turned on.


Shows if Over-write is on or off. In our example, it is turned off.


Choose this option to refresh the screen. You can also refresh the screen by clicking the Refresh icon in the Standard toolbar (shown below) or by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard.