Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

2.1.4 Licensing

Workbench requires a valid license in order for the full functionality to be available. It is possible to initiate and complete recordings in Workbench without a license, but you will be unable to save recordings or to generate scripts based on the included templates. The license format for the Workbench license is as shown below.


Synactive currently offer two types of licenses for Workbench, as follows:

  • Evaluation license: Offered to enable prospective customers to evaluate Workbench. Usually offered for a term of fifteen days.
  • Production license: The license for paid customers. Usually a renewable one-year term but can be offered according to the terms of the signed contract.

If Workbench cannot find a valid license, it will display the following message:

If you see this massager, you must obtain a valid license before you can continue to use the Workbench. You can obtain licenses by doing either of the following:

  • Call Synactive during normal business hours at (650) 341-3310
  • Email Synactive at

You will receive a new license approximately two days after you pay your license fee.