Liquid UI - WS Reference Library Installing Licenses

Workbench licenses are contained in a file with the proprietary extension 'sy9' and are managed with the Synactive License Manager. The License Manager is a bundled application hat is installed along with the Workbench. Once the you have received the license file from Synactive, please do the following to install the new license:
  1. Launch the Workbench.
  2. From the Tools menu, select the License Manager option as shown below.

  3. The License Manager application will launch and display as shown below.

  4. Click the Import License File button.
  5. Navigate to the folder where the previously received license file is stored. Select the license and click the Open button as shown below:
  6. The new license will now be listed in the License Manager.
  7. Click the Apply button. This will make the new license active.
  8. Click the Validate button to verify that the license is valid and to see how much time remains before it will have to be renewed.
  9. Your license is now valid and you can start using Workbench.