Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

3.1 Recording Transactions

Recording and Editing SAP Transactions

When recording a transaction in SAP, it is important to note that you must record these transactions with GuiXT activated, except if your connection is through a GuiXT Server. If your connection uses GuiXT Server, then you must ensure that GuiXT is not active in SAP GUI. To determine if GuiXT is active, verify that 'GuiXT' on the Workbench status line is activated. This means that Workbench must be connected to SAP GUI and WS should be active. In the case of the Offline server-side scripts, these must be recorded via a GuiXT Server connection, not a direct connection to SAP. This will be more fully described in the Offline Synchronization section of this document. All other recording can take place directly on SAP GUI - the templates will generate the resulting scripts.

Note: If you make any mistakes during the recording process such as triggering an F4 screen, you must re-record the process as it is not currently possible to correct these types of recording errors in Workbench. However, if you make mistakes such as pressing Enter too many times, or if you wish to exclude a particular field from a recording, you can make these kinds of modifications in Workbench.

The following topics will be covered.

  • Making a New Recording
  • Editing Recordings
  • Mapping Fields
  • Data Validation