Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

3.2.3 Pattern Validation

Case 3: Pattern Validation

The fourth case is that validation will be performed according to a pre-specified pattern. To set this case, if it is not already selected, please do the following.
  1. Right-click on a cell in the row you want to validate and choose Data Validation from the context menu.

  2. The Data Validation wizard will appear as shown below.

  3. Select the Pattern radiobutton if it is not already selected as shown below and then click Next.

  4. The value entry screen will display as shown below.

  5. Select the type of pattern to use from the drop-down list shown below.

    The available types of patterns are as follows.

    Alpha Capital

    Only the alphabetical characters A through Z may be entered and all characters entered must be in upper case.

    Alpha Lower Case

    Only the alphabetical characters A-Z may be entered and all characters entered must be in lower case.

    Alpha All

    Only aplhabetical characters A-Z may be entered. Both upper and lower case entries are permitted.


    Only numbers may be entered. No other characters are permitted.


    A time must be entered in the format HH:MM where H=hour and M=minute.


    Date entries only are permitted. Any entries must be in the mm/dd/yy format where m=month, d=day and y=year. The year must be in two-digit format, where four digit year entries are not allowed.

    Email Address

    Only email addresses may be entered.

  6. The Finish window will display as shown below. Click Finish.

  7. The Pattern Validation case has now been set for this row.