Liquid UI - WS Reference Library Editing PDF - Submit Button

Editing PDF Forms in LiveCycle Designer

Once you have generated a PDF form, you will have to edit the form in Adobe LiveCycle Designer. The LiveCycle Designer is included with the Adobe Acrobat Pro and we currently support both Acrobat Pro 9 and Acrobat Pro X. The editing process has three associated elements and all of these elements must be present for the submit operation to function as designed. These elements are as follows:

  • Adding a URL to the HTTP Submit button
  • Adding hidden fields to the PDF form

You may also need to add a script to the PDF form to generate the logon dialog, but this process will be explained in the Appendices. In addition, you can modify the generated PDF form to create custom PDF forms for the your company or department as needed. You can also do such things as replace the company_logo.JPG file in the Workbench directory with your own corporate logo files.

Note: You must have the Web Server's URL associated with the HTTP Submit button in the PDF form in order to send the data for POST-ing.

To add a URL to the Submit button, please do the following.

  1. Go to the Forms menu in Acrobat Pro and select the Edit Form in Designer option.
  2. The following dialog will display. Click OK.

  3. The PDF form will open in Adobe LiveCycle Designer, which is part of Adobe Acrobat Professional 9.0 or above.
  4. In the PDF form, click the HTTP Submit button. The following sidebar will display.
  5. Set the Control Type to be 'Submit' as shown below.
  6. A new tab named 'Submit' will appear. Click the new Submit tab and it will display as shown below.
  7. In the 'Submit to URL' field, type the following URL: http://[GuiXTWebServer]:85/guixt4web/postXML.cgi.
    Note: Make sure to replace the [GuiXTWebServer] with the actual IP address of the target GuiXT Web Server
  8. Set the 'Submit As' drop down list to 'URL-encoded Data (HTTP POST) as shown below:
  9. Save the form and proceed to the section on adding hidden fields to the PDF form.