Liquid UI - WS Reference Library Offline Synchronization

To run an Offline Synchronization script, please do the following.

Note: You must have the Offline UI script as well in order to successfully complete an Offline data transfer. The Synchronization scripts only send data between SAP and the GuiXT Server.
  1. Open the MB1A transaction you previously recorded and select the appropriate transaction type. In this case, the transaction type will be a Create transaction.
  2. Remove the checkmarks for any duplicate fields in the recording and then save it.
  3. Click the Offline synchronization Template button in the left sidebar. The script will be generated in the designated script directory and will be named 'MB1A_offline_synchronization.sjs'.
  4. Save the changes and refresh the SAP screen. It will now display as shown below:
  5. Rename the generated script file as previously explained. in our example, we will name the generated script 'SAPMM07M.E0400.sjs'.
  6. Open the renamed script and find the two variables 'strStartDocNo' and 'strEndDocNo'. These will be near the top of the script. Enter the start character number for the 'strStartDocNo' and the final character for the 'strEndDocNo'. In our example these values will be '10' and '19' respectively. Save the changes and close the script file.
  7. Create an empty file named 'empty.csv' in the Server's designated script directory. This file is used to read and store items sent from the particular document in Offline. The line items are then merged with the header data for the relevant transaction and uploaded to SAP.
  8. The Offline Synchronization script is now ready. Please continue to the 7. Continue to the Offline UI section below.