Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

2.2 System Requirements

The system requirements and other components required to run PSC.


You must have the following components in order to use DMC.


You must have a valid installation of SAP GUI in order to use the DMC. The following versions of SAP GUI are supported:

  • SAP GUI 7.10 or later
WS engine

DMC is built on Synactive's GuiXT WS technology and requires the WS engine. The engine is available as a part of the Desktop or Server solutions. We will not cover the WS engine in this document. Please consult the WS Reference Library for more information on WS.

Note: Only paid customers and partners will have access to the technical documentation site. Please contact Synactive for login credentials.

Supported Operating Systems

The following operating systems are supported for DMC.

Note: The name of each OS links to that operating system's system requirements page.
Note: DMC does not require any extra system capacity above and beyond Microsoft's operating system requirements.


The DMC is designed to be a completely self-contained solution - no training should be necessary for your users. However, Synactive does offer several training packages for devlopers and others who may wish to customize other GuiXT solutions. The available packages are as follows:

  • Development Training: A Synactive corporate trainer will thoroughly teach your team how to implement and use GuiXT.
  • Professional Services: One or more Synactive consultants will come to your site and implement GuiXT for a complete, turnkey solution.

Please contact Synactive Sales for additional information on the Development Training and Professional Services options.