Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

3.2 Toolbar

List of the available features and functionality in the DMC toolbar.

The DMC Console contains a toolbar (shown below), on which are five pushbuttons. These pushbuttons are as follows:

These pushbuttons are explained as follows.


This pushbutton will return you to the main Console screen.


This pushbutton will reset all configurations and customizations in the MM Console (such as which quadrants to display) to the default settings.


This pushbutton will launch a dialog, as shown below.

In this dialog box, you can select which quadrant tables to display. There are eight tables, but only six can be displayed at a single time. The available tables are:

  • Customer Quotes
  • Sales Orders
  • Vendor Quotes
  • Purchase Orders
  • Vendor Repair Quotes
  • Repair Orders
  • Customer Returns/RMAs
  • WBS Element
Stock Layout

This pushbutton launches a dialog that enables you to change the layout of the stock inventory table. The dialog box appears as follows:

The available options are as follows:

  • Inventory - Sales Layout
  • Inventory - Assets: Airframe Data Layout
  • Inventory - Assets: Engines Data Layout
  • Inventory - Boeing Programs Layout
  • Inventory - Sales UK Layout
  • Inventory - Repairs Layout

To change the layout, check the radiobutton next to the layout you wish to view. Then click the Submit button.

Stock Detail

This pushbutton is a user-modifiable control. It is disabled in the demo version.