Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

1.1 Overview

Overview of the Plant Maintenance Planning and Scheduling console application.

The Plant Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Console (PSC) is a new application from Synactive. This is built on Synactive's Liquid UI WS platform technology and enables corporate planners and schedulers to organize and allocate work orders in SAP. PSC is designed to enable employees to view, interpret and analyze large amounts of work order data on a single screen. This has the benefit of streamlining maintenance and reducing the amount of preparatory work necessary.

Some of the benefits that are available with PSC are as follows:

  • Access to common transactions in a launchpad right on the main screen.
  • Information divided into role-based access, eliminating unnecessary data views.
  • Orders listed by status and priority.
  • Data filtered based on the following criteria:

    • Start date
    • End date
    • Functional location
    • Work center
  • Drill-down views of individual work orders and jobs, displaying only the information necessary to the specific order.
  • Mass order status changes with a single click of a button.
  • Printing of multiple orders.
  • Permit checks for selected orders.
  • Users can check material availability for multiple orders.
  • Full integration with SAP ERP.

Navigation to standard transactions include:

  • CM01
  • CM25
  • IA07
  • IA08
  • IA10
  • IH01
  • IH03
  • IH06
  • IPM2
  • IR02
  • IWBK
  • IW13
  • IW37N
  • IW38
  • IW41
  • MB51
  • MD04
  • ME23N
  • OIOB