Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

4.1 Liquid UI for Android App Settings

Once you have installed the Liquid UI for Android on the target device, there are a number of configurations that can be performed. You have two types of App Settings available for configuring the Liquid UI for Android App as shown below:

App Settings in the Liquid UI for Android App

Most client-side configuration of the Liquid UI for Android is done in the App. Client configuration is mainly done from the Home screen, which is the first screen that you will encounter in Liquid UI for Android. You can navigate to Main Menu, Connect to my SAP, and Connect to my Demo Server from the Home screen. In this section, we will introduce each of these configurations.

Main Menu

The Main Menu in Liquid UI is where you can personalize the client and access some of the main features directly. You can access this by tapping the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen or by dragging it from the left side when you have an active connection.

For more information on Main Menu, click here.



Connect to my SAP is where you will create connections to either a SAP system or to a GuiXT Server, if you have the Enterprise Edition of Liquid UI. Each individual entry in the Server Connections has a number of subsidiary settings and parameters that you will enter when you add the connections.

For more information on server connections, click here.



Connect to Liquid UI Demo Server is  to introduce you to Liquid UI for Android App. It goes through native SAP screens and display optimized screens for the same transactions.

From more information on Liquid UI Demo Server, click here.


App Settings in the Device Settings

Some of the configuration is also done in the Settings screen on the device as shown below:

For all users, the settings screen is accessed as follows:

  1. Click on the Settings icon on your device as shown below:
  2. Click the Apps icon.
  3. Click the Liquid UI App. For most users, this screen will appear as follows.
  4. The Liquid UI settings screen contains the following fields and controls:


    This option shows how much is the internal storage of the app.


    This option shows how much data is used by the App.


    This option will give the app, the access to the camera, phone, and storage.

    Open by Default

    This option opens the supported links of the Liquid UI App.


    This option displays usage of the battery by the App.


    This option will display total memory used for the App.