Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

4.9 Configuring Enterprise Profile

The Liquid UI for Android user can access Enterprise features only if the user has installed portal license on their device. To generate an Enterprise profile, the user has to send a request to Liquid UI Management Portal (LMP). LMP upon recieving a request will send a portal or Enterprise license to user through email containing license links.

The user then have to install the license for Liquid UI App by following the instructions provided in email.

Note: Click here to refer how to make a request to LMP and follow this link for installing a license on Liquid UI for Android.

Generating Enterprise Profile

Login to Liquid UI Management Portal and select your account on which you wish to add SAP connections.

  1. Select the user from the User Table as shown below:
  2. Then click on SAP Connections tab to create new connection. Under Associate Connections Table, click on Create Connection.
  3. The user will be navigated to Add Connections form. Fill in the details and submit Add Connection button.
  4. A message window will pop-up as following:
  5. Make sure to select the checkbox of the desired SAP Connection you want to associate on Liquid UI for Android App. Then click on Update Connection List.
  6. After updating the connection list you will get a message as "Connections Associated".

Viewing Enterprise Profile

  1. To view the associated profiles on Liquid UI for Android App, launch the App and select License Server Sync from the navigation drawer.
  2. The Server Connections get updated as following: