Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

Installing WS License


Liquid UI WS engine is a license based software. After installing Liquid UI WS, you need a valid license for the WS engine to work. You can request a license by sending an email to Synactive at Licenses are typically issued for a one-year period and must remain valid in order to receive updates.

WS license Installation

To install a WS license, you will need to copy the license key data present in the license file(sy3) into the guixt.sjs file.

The following steps describe the procedure to install a license.

Note: To use Webserver, Liquid UI Server, or any other product component together with the WS engine, you must have a valid license for each component. Please see the respective product documentation for instructions on installing relevant licenses.

  1.  You can request a license by sending an email to Synactive Inc. at

  2. The license file is a Synactive Inc. proprietary SY3 file format. 

  3. Open the license file in a text editor (such as notepad), the contents in the file appears as:

    //Please add the following line in your guixt.sjs file
  4. Open the guixt.sjs file (in a text editor)  present in the directory SAPgui:

    C:\\Program Files\SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui
    Note: In order to edit the file, you may need to copy it to a location outside the Program Files directory.
  5. Copy the license key into the guixt.sjs file, after "license=[]", as shown:

    license = [];
  6. Save your changes and close the file. If you have moved the guixt.sjs file outside the SAPgui directory to edit, replace the file in the SAPgui directory. The license gets active till the validity date.


If you are installing GuiXT Server,  navigate to the GuiXT Server directory to install the WS engine's license in the guixt.sjs file, present in the directory:

C:\\Program Files\Synactive Inc\GuiXTServer