Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

4.3 Deployment

To access the SAP ERP transactions, we need to deploy scripts into the Liquid UI Server. The Liquid UI Server provides a centralized deployment and maintenance for a Liquid UI environment as well as mimicking an SAP router.

Liquid UI for iOS / Liquid UI for Android

The Liquid UI Server provides the same role as in the Liquid UI for SAP GUI deployment, but also serves as a communications router between the iOS-based device and the SAP ERP system. In this implementation, the Liquid UI Server will deliver customized screens and transactions via the Liquid UI for iOS or the Liquid UI for Android client.

Liquid UI empowers users to work seamlessly across iOS/ Android from anywhere and at any time. Liquid UI for iOS/ Android are a re-imagination of SAP GUI, built with touch and mobility in mind. Using Liquid UI technology, users can view native SAP transactions as well as create custom transactions by simplifying and customizing SAP transactions via the Developer Toolkit. Click here to know more about Liquid UI for iOS.

Click here to know more about Liquid UI for Android.

In order to run the scripts successfully, Perform following actions:

  • Open guixt.sjs file in Liquid UI Server
  • Find “directory1” statement in the .sjs file
  • Set the directory1 path to Liquid UI and add the scripts.

For Example: Setting the path for scripts;

directory1 = "C:\\LiquidUI\\Scripts”