Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

1.2 How do I add user to Liquid UI Management Portal?

  1. Login to Liquid UI Management Portal. Learn more about how to login to Liquid UI Management Portal.
  2. Click on Add User tab.
  3. You can either add single user or multiple users at a time.
  4. Enter user's email address, full name and click plus button to save.
  5. User Added popup, confirming successful information submit
  6. The user will receive an email from Liquid UI Management Portal containing license links and login credentials.
  7. Click on either Android or iOS license links depending on the type of device and Open it with Liquid UI for SAP App aka GuiXT UI aka Liquid UI.
    Note: You will need to download and install the app (learn more about how to download and install app for Android and iOS)
  8. Portal License Manager, confirming successful activation of license.