Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

2.8 Search

All the records in LMP are stored in the form of tables. LMP has introduced the Search feature for all its tables. Searching your desired record of data from the table has become easy using the search field.

Account Table has following attributes:

  • Company: Name of the registered user Company.
  • Address: Location details of the user’s company.
  • Months Purchased: License issued for the num of months.
  • Months Used: License used for the number of months.
  • Months Remaining: Lincense to be used for num of months.
  • Role: Role of the user whether admin or user.
  • Admin: Email address of the admin(s).

A Search box is displayed at every table, so that it allows the user to search for a string from the beginning or from any part of the string. To demonstrate the Search functionality, let us consider an Account Table from the dashboard screen as shown below:

With single Character

Let's perform the search function on this table by selecting the company name. Select the single character from the name and perform search and observe the results:

A search with single character has resulted a list of records which has “L” as a letter in the users record. All the records will be displayed which has L in any of their column attribute, like in Company, Address, and Admin(s).

With part of a String

We can get efficient result when we use the search with part of a string. Consider “mar” string and do search operation.

As per the result, the string “mar” is present in Company name and in Admin(s) email address.

With Numerical Value

A search with numericals also results in similar to the search with alpha characters. Observe the following screenshot:

Invalid Search

The search will only display the records, if it is a valid entry. In case of invalid search, it will display as following:

As per the result, there is no such role or string as admin in the existing records.