Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

4.5 Purchase License

This feature provides you the complete information about the purchasing of licenses, such as date/time, the number of users using the licenses and the days left for the license validity.

  1. Locate Purchased License through Select Account >> Account Administration >> Purchased License.
  2. Purchased License has information about licensing information of particular user.

    Note: If a user wants to purchase new license, then the user has to click on Purchased License tab which enables the Buy License tab at the right side.

  3. Purchased License is the information about the user licenses who have already bought licenses for their products.

    License Purchased Table

    Num User

    Number of licenses issued

    Purchased Time/Date

    Date of purchasing the Product License

    Months Purchased

    Number of months the user has purchased the product license

    Months Used

    Number of months the user has used the product.

    Months Remaining

    Overall months left over for the product

  4. Click on Buy License tab to buy new licenses. This will open purchase license form. The form includes company name, Address, number of licenses and number of months to purchase the license, and email id. (Currently Synactive can only do it. The client need to contact us for more licenses).

  5. Click Buy License to purchase license after entering all the details in the form.