Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

4.7 User History

This feature provides the admin to view the user’s history on user data and license information. In order to successfully view the User History, the user require following things:

  • An entry in the Liquid UI management portal
  • An active LMP website user account (optional)
  1. To view User History tab, navigate to Select Account >> Account Administration
  2. Click on License Information tab which will change the ‘Sap Connections’ tab to ‘User History’ tab.
  3. Click on the User History tab, and then you can view the Users List table. This table will display current month users by default. Also you can get the users list based on the selection of ‘From date’ and ‘To date’ from calendar.

    User List Table


    Display user emails.

    Full Name

    Display Full names of the users

    Current Status

    Display the current status of the particular user (Either Pending or Active)

  4. Click on Get History button after selecting one or more users, to view user transaction history of the particular users.
  5. You can get the users history by clicking on Download and Send Email buttons. User History has information about the transaction details of all the users. It includes following details:

    User History Table


    Display user emails.

    Device Identifier

    Display device identification number after applying the license to it.


    Display both time and date of the transaction done.


    Display activities of the user.

  6. Click on Download button, and select the file format to download.
  7. Then, you get a popup and click ‘ok’ to download the file successfully.
  8. Click on Send Email button to send email to any user.
  9. Enter the Email id and select the File Format. Then click on ‘Send’ button which will send the user history file to the given user email.
  10. On success, you will get the below pop-up indicating email status.