Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

5.1 Add SAP Connection

LMP allows its users to manage SAP connections through SAP Connection tab. This feature manages SAP Connections without the need of additional server. Users can add, modify, or remove SAP connections. They can also associate to the required SAP connection from the SAP connection list.

To add the SAP connection to the Liquid UI management Portal, please do the following:

  1. You must Login to Liquid UI Management Portal with the user name and password that you received in the welcome email from Synactive.
  2. As you logged in, a Dashboard will appear. Select an account available on dashboard.
  3. You will get four tabs such as Purchase License, License Information, SAP Connection and Add user. In order to add your SAP connection, click on the SAP Connection tab.
  4. Click Create Connection button
  5. You have to fill out your SAP Server information in the form and save the information. The form has following fields:
    1. Description specifies information about the server.
    2. Group/Server specifies the name or IP address of the SAP application server. Enterprise Edition users will specify the name or IP address of the Liquid UI Server if one is deployed.
    3. Instance Number specifies the target port that connects to either the SAP application server or the Liquid UI Server.
    4. Client is the SAP client ID (Optional value).
    5. SAP Router specifies router address if you are connecting to your SAP Server using a router.
  6. As SAP connection added successfully, a popup appears and confirms successful information submit.

Note: Make note of all the fields before setting up the connection.