Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

5.2 Modifying SAP Connection

In this scenario, you can learn how to modify the existing SAP connection details of a user.

  1. Select SAP Connections tab to view the list of available connections. To modify any SAP connection, click on modify icon.
  2. You can edit the existing connection details of the user.
    As per the above image, the associate connections table has the following fields:
    • Description: Specifies information about the server.
    • Group/Server: Specifies the name or IP address of the SAP server.
    • Instance Number: Specifies the target port that connects to either the SAP server or the Liquid UI server.
    • Client: Specifies the SAP client ID.
    • Sap Router: specifies router address if you are connecting to your SAP Server using a router.
    • Actions: Includes the Modify and Revoke button to edit and remove the existing SAP connections.
  3. After editing the required fields, click Submit button which is under Actions. As information updated successfully, a popup appears and confirms the SAP connection update.