Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

5.4 Syncing SAP Connection List

In this scenario, you can learn how to update connection list on user’s device. The following steps guides you to update the connection list.

  1. You must Login to Liquid UI Management Portal with the valid user account.
  2. Select account from the account table.
  3. Click on SAP Connection tab.
  4. Select the check boxes besides the SAP connection, which you wish to sync and click Update Connection List button to update the connections on devices.
  5. Once the connection is updated, a window popups as Connections associated as shown below.
  6. This confirms the connection updated and the user will now get associated to new connection on their device’s connection list. Associate Connections table may have multiple SAP connections. It depends upon the user requirement to connect to which type of SAP server.

Sync SAP Connection from device

The users can see updated SAP connection list on their devices. Alternatively, you can also manually update the connection list on the device by clicking on Sync option. The list gets updated if any connections were added or updated in the LMP.