Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

1.1 Overview

Liquid UI Debugger provides powerful environment for debugging web scripts.

When developing a web script, we may often encounter an issue for which the solution is not obvious. In this case, it is useful to inspect the script code line by line to pinpoint the cause of the issue.Debugger diagnoses the cause of issues and is designed to edit, debug and monitor Liquid UI scripts with instant impact on the SAP.

Debugger is designed to meet the following objectives to explore and understand the execution of the Liquid UI scripts:

  • Fast, easy, and flexible way to execute Liquid UI scripts, by line or by section.
  • Pinpoint a SAP element in a script with ease and precision.
  • Step-by-step interactive debugging in a visual environment.
  • Look at detailed measurements of your script logical flow.
  • Measure script performance in the Console´s Profiler.
  • Send messages to the console directly from your script.

Debugger provides you a simulation of execution of Liquid UI scripts with the valuable information about 

  • Flow of control during script execution
  • Values in variables based on the script execution
  • Live state of SAP elements

Debugger´s scripts attachment feature makes it simple to find Liquid UI scripts that are broken into different sessions. Debugger gives you the power of editing scripts in a live SAP environment for optimizing and simplifying SAP.