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GuiXT Solution Suite

The Problem

  • Too many screens, input fields that takes too long
  • Error prone
  • Expensive, time-consuming training for users to be productive on SAP
  • Low productivity for day to day users
  • Alternatives are excessively costly development in low level languages such as Java or Abap
  • Alternative solutions have limited support across iOS, tablet, Web and Desktop

The Solution

Deployed And Powered By GuiXT

Join thousands of companies already running GuiXT to leverage their SAP system across all industries, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Chemicals, Government, Life Sciences. GuiXT Desktop is use by thousands of live users for the last 14 years.

GuiXT Solution Suite

Activate GuiXT

Bundled Within SAP GUI

GuiXT is bundled by SAP, certified by SAP and Licensed by SAP. Liquid UI Platform is deployed to empower your workforce, on Desktop, iOS or Web; and even completely untethered without any network connectivity, our patented Offline solution.

Record And Deploy To All Touch Points

You can morph the UI from SAP ERP to SAP GUI using recording technology in the Developer Toolkit to record a user's process once, then deploy across iOS, mobile environments, web, Excel and PDF.

GuiXT Solution Suite

GuiXT Solution Suite

Empowering Users

Only true transaction aggregation, e.g. Create Order and Create Delivery. Incorporate external data like Excel and Share Point. By streamlining and transforming the standard SAP transaction user interface for all user roles, GuiXT Desktop helps SAP users work more efficiently and accurately.

Combine and eliminate fields, tabs and screens. Eliminate rote memorization of tcode and abbreviations. Globally change terminology for corporate governance.

GuiXT Solution Suite

Simple Scripting

Simple scripting to empower a responsive IT team. Reserve low level Java and Abap for other urgent business value activities.

Central Deployment And Control

Scripts are stored in ERP database and centrally deploy across all the clients. All security to objects and transactions remain intact. Use our tools so that your IT dept is self-sufficient; for simple maintenance or create whole new solutions.

GuiXT Solution Suite

GuiXT Solution Suite

GuiXT Solutions Case Study Results

Significant reduction in training. Eliminate costly errors made daily to achieve data integrity. Increase productivity and user ownership. Achieve super user performance with minimal training.

Deployment and Implementation Support

GuiXT Solution Suite