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The customer is always right--words to live by as a retailer. Customers want a smooth and seamless shopping experience. With a large majority of transactions starting online, yet most being completed in a brick-and-mortar store, retailers need to adjust to the connected customer to deliver a personalized shopping experience that increases loyalty and sales. On the business side, boosting operational efficiencies to reduce costs is essential. Liquid UI helps retailers running SAP to achieve this fine balance.

For example, HR employees in the head office of larger retailers don’t have trouble with HR, as they are very used to it, and it is often run by the HR department as their only responsibility. But in the retail sector, where this responsibility is pushed all the way to the store, the multi-screen HR process needs to be simplified, especially since store managers have many other duties. This also happens to Shipping and Receiving, where these specialized processes are pushed all the way to the retail stores, where store managers, and clerks who are not used to the Shipping and Receiving modules, or HR modules of SAP, need simplified, tailored screens.


They have saved over 26,000 hours/year throughout their stores.

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Expedited customer transactions and customer satisfaction increased considerably.

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A robust, user friendly HR Web solution is pushed to stores and is managed by store managers, resulting in increased productivity and user adoption.

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