Liquid UI for Retail

  • Expedite customer transactions

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Save tens of thousands in training hours per year

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SAP at Your Fingertips

Re-Imagine. Mobilize. Deploy.

  • SAP GUI, Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile/CE), Web, Offline, PDF, Excel

  • Patented Connectivity Technology extends SAP anytime, anywhere

  • Use ECMA-262 Compliant Javascript to pull fields from different screens to create new applications

  • Screen consolidation without ABAP enables small footprint and easy deployment for a non-disruptive solution

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Liquid UI for iOS - Mobilize and Deploy Your SAP Workforce Anywhere, Anytime

Imagine a single app that provides access to all SAP ERP transactions and also simplifies, customizes, and improves your SAP experience on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Built on patented technology for communicating with SAP.

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Liquid UI for Oil & Gas

  • Boost operational effeciency

  • Improve processes for regulatory compliance, maintenance and operations

  • Faster process completion time, higher ROI and low development cost

  • Deployed to users in just one month

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