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With patented connectivity technology, the Liquid UI Platform extends proven GuiXT technology to transform not only SAP GUI on your desktop, but also re-imagines new user experiences on your iPad, Android, and barcode scanning devices, all under one unified coherent UI strategy.

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Discover how fast, easy and flexible is to develop and deploy SAP applications. Try our revolutionary SAP apps on Android and iOS for free. Download and see for yourself why more than 1000 companies selected our technology. All the tools you need to tailored your SAP applications.

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The power of all in one

Liquid UI Platform is an enterprise grade framework for developing and deploying new SAP business applications with a unified ui strategy across mobile and desktop environments. The Liquid UI Platform creates an agile and cost-efficient environment by delivering simplified and customized user interfaces across a wide variety of touch-points. It powers thousands of companies who run SAP applications across physical, virtual and mobile environments. Harnessing the strength of a multithreaded architecture and a simple development scripting methodology, the Liquid UI Platform can provide enterprises greater efficiency, precision, competitive advantage and automation of your business processes.

At its core, Liquid UI Platform consists of the Liquid UI Server, various client software for the touch-points (e.g, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile/CE, etc), and a Developer Toolkit. Liquid UI Server is a light-weight, pass-through server between the SAP server and the client software that consolidates the SAP application screens to streamline user interaction with the SAP server without the need to install additional components on each individual user system or mobile device. The Developer Toolkit lets users quickly build high quality transactional applications, which can be deployed on a wide variety of client touch points such as Desktop, Mobile, Web and Offline devices.

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Optimized Packaged Applications for SAP ERP

The Liquid UI Optimized Packaged Applications are customized applications that take the most useful SAP ERP processes and transforms the transaction screens to specific jobs, leaving the essential SAP coding untouched. The end product is a streamlined, practical solution that allows businesses to make changes quickly and to use their SAP software in a way that makes sense for their unique needs

The Liquid UI Optimized Packaged Apps are not just a simple, single purpose, task-based apps. These full featured applications are your complete business process, combining multiple transactions, reducing the clutter for any role, then extending the new application to a web browser, mobile device, or back to SAP GUI.

Built on GuiXT technology, the Liquid UI Platform enables companies to extend your customized SAP ERP to iOS, Android, Mobile Scanning devices, HTML5 browsers or SAP GUI

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Highly Customized Pre-built Apps for SAP ERP

Get the performance you need with no SAP Mobile Platform, Gateway, or upgrade to your kernel! Supported on SAP R/3 4.6 C and later, the Liquid UI Rapid Applications take the most useful mobile apps for users on the go, and deliver it on a powerful platform that connects directly to SAP ERP.

The Liquid UI Rapid Apps are highly customized pre-built apps which are easy to deploy in most cases within three days. These Apps gives users a consolidated approach and data insights in real-time to drive business. All the development logics are pre-defined and pre-builds to the restricted requirements of specific jobs, while leaving essential SAP coding untouched. Rapid Apps are designed to accelerate the simplification and usability of SAP transactions.

Built on GuiXT technology, the Liquid UI Platform enables companies to extend SAP ERP native connection to iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, HTML5 browsers or SAP GUI without additional servers, or browser-based clients.

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Simple Management. Unlimited Potential

Whether downstream, midstream, or upstream, companies have been using Liquid UI to optimize their functions by streamlining processes in SAP to make it more intuitive. Our technology enables immediate gains in productivity, especially from a non-technical workforce who use SAP applications to perform their jobs. Synactive provides user interface customization solutions to SAP users in aerospace and defense, automotive, chemicals, consumer products, government, life science, manufacturing, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, retail, technology, and utilities industries around the world.

Liquid UI can simplify all modules in SAP, from Plant Maintenance to Sales and Distribution to Material Management to Warehouse Management to Service Management to Procurement to Human Resources whether it be for desktop use or for users out in the field online or offline with handhelds, iPads, smart phones. We have enabled companies to optimize their functions by streamlining processes in SAP to make it more intuitive. Drastic improvements in user compliance, data quality, and faster process completion time all translate to more efficient plant production, maintenance, and customer service for our customers.

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Sixteen years ago, we launched GuiXT technology with a vision to have SAP at your fingertips.

And a new platform model was born

Our goal is to make our customers successful. We understand the importance of your employees and how a user friendly interface will improve productivity, efficiency, and user adoption. The fully integrated Liquid UI platform is complemented by state-of-the-art GuiXT technology for customizing, tailoring and streamlining SAP business processes.

Why Choose Liquid UI?

With 16 years of experience in successfully helping organizations tailor SAP module applications for specific roles, Synactive's Liquid UI easily extends SAP GUI to iOS, Android, Web and Desktop environments without additional SAP software, kernel upgrade or touching of the SAP backend. This is enabled by our large library of scripts and our domain knowledge of solutions that impact customers' bottom lines, all with no additional layers of infrastructure software to slow down usage. GuiXT is bundled with all SAP GUI installations and is fully certified by SAP.

Liquid UI provides a multi-touchpoint framework and development environment that enables a single version of an SAP ERP application to be customized for different needs. From sales and distribution to product lifecycle management to inventory control, Synactive provides tools, products and end-to-end solutions for simplifying and customizing SAP applications. Building on the solid foundation of SAP ERP, Liquid UI offers a sleek user interface that presents only the most relevant information to each user.


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Liquid UI is used by thousands of users across multiple industries

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Built on a powerful, yet simple to understand technology called GuiXT (bundled with SAP since 1998), our solutions easily extend across iOS, Android, Web and Desktop environments.