Twenty years ago, we launched GuiXT technology with a vision to have SAP at your fingertips.

And a new platform model was born

Our goal is to make our customers successful. We understand the importance of your employees and how a user friendly interface will improve productivity, efficiency, and user adoption. The fully integrated Liquid UI platform is complemented by state-of-the-art GuiXT technology for customizing, tailoring and streamlining SAP business processes.

Our Story

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Synactive, Inc. is a privately held software company founded in 1998 by Thomas Ewe in close cooperation with the European company Synactive GmbH, founded by Gerhard Rodé. Built on a powerful, yet simple to understand technology called GuiXT (bundled with SAP since 1998), our solutions easily extends SAP to iOS, Android, Windows CE/Mobile devices, Web and Desktop environments. It is front-end technology that does not touch the backend, therefore, no kernel upgrade is required for usage, product maintenance, or feature enhancements and runs with or without SAP HANA, including S/4 HANA.

Synactive remains focused on innovation and bringing new products and services to market. Together with the Global Partner System, Synactive is uniquely positioned to better help the clients successfully adopt, make more efficient, and fully optimize their SAP ERP solution. We fill a lot of holes and white spaces in the SAP UX strategy. Synactive is the leading developer of optimization and user-enablement solutions for use with SAP ERP applications.

Liquid UI provides a multi-touchpoint framework and development environment that enables a single version of an SAP ERP application to be customized for different needs. From sales and distribution to product lifecycle management to inventory control, Synactive provides tools, products and end-to-end solutions for simplifying and customizing SAP applications. Building on the solid foundation of SAP ERP, Liquid UI offers a sleek user interface that presents only the most relevant information to each user.

Our Values

With 20 years of experience in successfully helping organizations tailor SAP module applications for specific roles, Synactive's Liquid UI easily extends SAP to iOS, Android, Windows CE/mobile scanners, Web and Desktop environments without additional SAP software, kernel upgrade or touching of the SAP backend. This is enabled by our large library of scripts and our domain knowledge of solutions that impact customers' bottom lines, all with no additional layers of infrastructure software to slow down usage. GuiXT is bundled with all SAP GUI installations and is fully certified by SAP.

Award Winning SAP ERP Software

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Customer Success Stories

Our customers range from small, independently owned firms to global powerhouses. They are very important to us and are our biggest motivators. We have been helping companies run their SAP solutions better. We provide tools and user friendly SAP business applications that enable greater efficiency, precision, productivity, and overall business success.