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Simplifying and optimizing the whole business process. Synactive Professional Services assist clients from planning and designing, to development and deployment strategies. We deliver a customized SAP ERP solution for your specific business objective. We work with you to define goals towards a business solution that is governed by a complete process, as opposed to discrete transactions.

On-site Training

Set up, installation and deployment options are numerous, flexible, and designed to support a variety of environments. We work with you and your IT department to provide a seamless solution. In addition, Synactive Professional Services will help you build a complete UI simplification solution by providing on-site GuiXT training, as well as offering development expertise and support.

Synactive Professional Services:

Implementation Services: We have a speedy application development and deployment solution that will fit your business, project time and budget.

Technical Support: Our programmers are available on- or off-site to answer any scripting, development, deployment and management questions.

Customer Initiatives: The best ideas come from the people who use our products, which is why we created innovative programs to listen to customers, reward new ideas, and build strong product-user groups.

Application Consulting


Technical Support for Synactive Integrations with Partner Products

Developer Support

Extended Support:

Code Reviews: If you have your own scripts a Synactive consultant can review the code and suggest ways to make it more efficient.

Upgrade Support: If a company wants to upgrade their R/3 version, Synactive consultants will be there during the upgrade process, ensuring that the GuiXT scripts work well in the new version.

Remote Help: Call in and work remotely with consultants to resolve any issues.