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Planning and Design to Development and Deployment Strategies

Our Professional Services Team offers a number of flexible setup, installation, and deployment options designed to support a variety of computing environments. Our team will work with you to provide a seamless experience. We provide on-site technical training, as well as consulting services (development expertise and support) to help you better optimize your SAP investment.

Available to clients on and offsite. A GuiXT certified consultant will carefully assess your current SAP system, then advise the most efficient changes that will best accommodate your business needs.

  • Implementations are ABAP free and can be done in fraction of time of what an ABAP resource would require
  • SAP implementations are geared to fit any SAP module and most environments
  • GuiXT changes will streamline business processes greatly improving user interaction with SAP from transaction based system to a process oriented system
  • Solution provided is robust thus eliminating the need of ABAP changes required otherwise
  • Users will be empowered with simplified data entry interface
  • Changes create a more intuitive environment and the process flow is clearly defined
  • GuiXT Designer and Studio make the implementation process smooth and easy for anyone to follow

Before completion, a customized package is created containing detailed screenshots of all the changes made with script references for each screen. Included in the package are sample scripts for the widely used topics, documentation pertaining to set up, installation, configuration, and all the scripts for the project itself.

Available to clients on and offsite. A GuiXT certified consultant will carefully assess your current SAP system, then advise the most efficient changes that will best accommodate your business needs.


  • Solve SAP ERP usability issues
  • Saves time and money by creating more efficient processes
  • More complete and accurate Gap analysis
  • Eliminates vendor interpretation of requirements
  • Mitigates implementation risk


  • Deployable solution to address SAP ERP usability problems (Working GuiXT scripts of the prototype)
  • Documentation of available templates that can be used for target solutions
  • Working GuiXT prototype
  • Identify critical success factors
  • Architecture roadmap for new collaboration systems infrastructure

GuiXT certified consultants provide analysis and hands-on assistance with your existing scripts:

  • Equipped to evaluate all existing codes
  • Point your project in the right direction
  • Provide a solution that is more efficient and less timely
  • No guessing – experienced professionals will craft a solution to fit a specific scenario
  • Specific solutions and key concepts are offered and designed to ensure project success
  • Work is broken down into stages and reviewed frequently up to deadline
  • We mentor a resource from your company, to handle future projects after we have left
  • Our experienced, expert guidance helps clients avoid unnecessary pitfalls

We leave you with a comprehensive solution at the end of the project. This includes all the appropriate scripts; detailed documentation explaining each screen with reference to the scripts associated with them; and sample scripts for the most used scenarios to be used for future enhancements.

Managing an IT environment can be complex and difficult. Keeping up with upgrading applications can be time consuming, especially in complex management environments. The complexity of a management environment is not only determined by Synactive team, but we partner with you to perform your GuiXT application upgrades.

The value of this technical service is that careful implementation of software upgrades reduces the risk of installation failures. Careful implementation also helps to eliminate elements that could cause your management environment to function incorrectly. Planned upgrade downtime will be reduced to a minimum and you'll fully protect your management environment. Upgrade Assistance will bring you confidence and reassurance in the successful completion of this important task. This assistance brings you confidence and reassurance in proper implementation of upgrades. Reduces the risk of upgrade failures, and planned upgrade downtime will be reduced to a minimum.

Together with Synactive engineer you'll perform your GuiXT software upgrade. The Synactive engineer will make sure the upgrade activities run as smoothly as possible enabling the new features of the updated application. After the software has been upgraded a check will be done to see if the application functions properly. Optionally, depending on your needs, you may choose to have the Synactive engineer assist in distributing new software to the appropriate managed objects.

Synactive engineer will leave the upgraded scripts and software along with detailed documents explaining the changes. Also, all technical documents pertaining to installation, upgrades, and all our software packages will be provided.

Synactive's GuiXT certified consultants help you install and deploy GuiXT solutions that meet your SAP infrastructure needs. They plan and confirm system setup requirements with you according to documented processes and procedures and they will setup and install GuiXT to suit your specific needs. They plan, build, implement and support an optimal GuiXT infrastructure and streamline deployment of a scalable GuiXT solution.


  • Review and document environment and installation needs prior to install.
  • Plan and confirm system setup requirements.
  • Make sure the latest version of GuiXT is installed.
  • Confirm system functionality.
  • Recommend the best deployment method based on your infrastructure.
  • Avoid pitfalls and streamline deployment of a scalable GuiXT solution.
  • Proactively resolve installation and deployment issues and sustain desired performance levels.


  • Complete working GuiXT solution in a live environment.
  • Configured GuiXT deployment files.
  • Deployment guide documents for future use.
  • Perform final integrating testing.
  • Deployed production-ready GuiXT system.

GuiXT certified consultants provide ongoing support and assistance for post go-live activities where GuiXT is running the in the live environment. GuiXT certified consultants can support you onsite, through telephone and through email. They proactively search for potential problems during the go-live state, identify and quickly resolve any glitches to ensure optimum system efficiency and to provide further training and familiarization with the GuiXT solution. GuiXT certified consultants also fix any bugs that are found in the go-live environment to maintain the system's availability and performance at a high level.


  • Ensure optimum system efficiency.
  • Resolve any potential problems that may come up in the live environment that were not discovered in the development environment.
  • Validation of business processes and their configurations.


  • Complete working bug free solution.
  • Revised project documentation.
  • Revised document of issues that are identified and fixed.