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5 steps to convince your CXO on Liquid UI.... ( Click here to learn more)

  1. Keep it short and simple, this may seem like common sense, however your CXO gets a lot of information and great ideas thrown at them day in and day out. Your pitch should be short. This means you´ll have to do the homework with the information provided below ahead of time.
  2. You can transform your IT to a strategic team. If you decide to go with Liquid UI, you´re ABAP´er can focus on higher level business process issues, and involve users early in the design process with quick turnarounds. Day to day programming that typically fills up your IT team´s agenda is eliminated, thus giving them the freedom to work on strategic initiatives. Documentation for our technology can be found below.
  3. Come with a timeline. Liquid UI comes with a major benefit - you can get up and running relatively quickly vs. months of hard-coded development in a low-level language. Bring your CXO a timeline and an easy project to get started with. Don´t bite off more than you can chew, starting with an easy project will safeguard the rest of your company´s transition. You can download sample timeslines below.
  4. Higher revenues with increased sales. By helping employees work faster, they become more productive. New recruits will quickly learn how to carry out common tasks and all employees will learn how to use new functions more quickly. But most importantly, your SAP master data maintains a higher level of quality that is critical for transactional data that run your business operations to mitigate risks and comply to regulations.
  5. Boast about a non-disruptive approach to mobility. Think about a seamless transition between desktop usage and mobile usage. Think about the functionality required for certain roles in your organization and the subset of a business process that your users want to do. With users spending their day navigating through screen after screen of buried input fields and irrelevant information, think about screens that are relevant to users whether they are sitting at their desk or on a mobile device, providing mobility and freedom, connected and collaborative at all times of the day, without any obstacles. So in CXO speak, "higher productivity, innovation, and collaboration" - even for his/her busy schedule. You can download sample presentations below.

ROI Calculator

GuiXT WS Calculator
This ROI calculator calculates the number of days GuiXT pays for itself based on time savings alone. Actual ROI of GuiXT exceeds this modest computation because of error costs, training and support for users is not computed here.
Sample Computation
1000 users of PLM

2000 users of VA01
Transactions Per Day
Minutes Saved Per Transactions
Number of Users
Number of Minutes Saved Per Day
Number of Hours Saved Per Month
Salary Per Hour
Total Dollar Saved
Dollar Saved Per Day
Number of Days GuiXT Pays for Itself

Samples Business Cases

Samples Use Cases

Samples ROI

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Samples ROI - Canada Post


  • Reduced Training time: The training time needed to train each individual reduced by 88%
  • Improved efficiency: The efficiency increased by 68% by creating fewer data entry fields on fewer screens
  • Improved Productivity: The time taken for completing the entire appraisal process reduced by 70%.
  • Reduced Support Calls: With GuiXT, Canada post was able to reduce t-code related support calls by 88%
  • Better Accuracy: By removing all barriers and simplifying the process, the error rate will go down by 95%

Efficiency Gain Before GuiXT After GuiXT
Training Hours per Person 18 hours 2 hours
Data Efficiency/ Productivity 104 key- strokes 33 key- strokes
Time to Complete HR Appraisal 50 min 15 min
Support Calls 216 calls 26 calls
Error Rate 20% error- rate 1% error- rate

Samples ROI - Steelscape


  • GuiXT and GuiXT Mobile enchanced Steelscape's user interfaces, improved employee productivity, and facilitated better shipment tracking.
  • Steelscape processes about 3,000 scans a day, using about 200 man hours.
  • With GuiXT that is reduced to 17 man hours. (12X faster)

Efficiency Gain Before GuiXT After GuiXT
Scanning Coils in Shipments 4 minutes 20 seconds
Assigning Coils to Delivery 2 minutes 4 seconds (30X faster)
Creating Truck Shipments 12 screens, 4.5 minutes 3 screens, 20 seconds
Creating Rail Shipments 13 screens took 10 minutes Single screen done in 1 minute (10X faster)
Man Hours for 500 coils in 24 hours 114,000 minutes 7,500 minutes

Samples ROI - Siemens Industry Inc.


  • Improved efficiency: Reduced manual data entry time by 84 percent
  • Improved Productivity: Required no special set up, just training users to activate
  • Reduced Support Calls: Decreased support calls related to correcting data significantly

Efficiency Gain Before GuiXT After GuiXT
Clicks/ Screens Time Clicks/ Screens Time
Project Setup 42/14 20 1/1 3
Book Project 34/15 30 1/1 5
Change Order Setup 42/14 20 1/1 3
Book Change Order 34/15 30 1/1 5
POC Level (End of Execution) 70/38 8 1/1 2
Project Level (End of Warranty) 38/25 5 2/1 3

Samples ROI - Advanced Energy


  • Since GuiXT allows companies to develop and streamline their SAP without any ABAP modifications, this was the best option available to Advanced Energy. They were able to customize and roll-out the simplified purchase requisition screens to their user community in less than two months, at a fraction of the cost of developing the customized screens in ABAP.
  • Ease of use
  • Ease and quickness of implementation
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Integration with existing SAP environment
  • Limited resources required to run and implement the software

Samples ROI - Tyson Foods


With complete visibility of the entire fleet´s PM schedule, Tyson was able to manage preventive maintenance more effectively. For soft dollar savings, Tyson now had a usable system to do proper inspections and maintenance while viewing the fleet as a whole so that the different fleet directors could ensure their equipment was being maintained properly resulting in less breakdowns, and running more miles with less equipment.

  • The warranty process alone returned $4.3 million over the last 6 years
  • Over $75,000 savings in decommissioning the Vehicle Legacy System

Once the benefits were proven in the 42 shops for Fleet Maintenance, GuiXT was then deployed to other departments for Plant Maintenance and Material Management. These were much larger endeavors with 130 plants using PM, and 20 hatcheries, 20 feed mills, and 8,000 users now using GuiXT successfully.

Tyson staffs one person to do all the GuiXT work. This person has an IT background and is usually fresh out of college who starts out working with GuiXT, then grows into other parts of the business.


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