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Real-time SAP connect on iOS

Liquid UI is a reimagination of SAP GUI, built with touch and mobility in mind. It combines the ease of use of iOS applications with the simplicity of management and deployment of SAP GUI. Liquid UI drives your workforce by providing mobile access, without the need to redevelop z* transactions or recreate them in Fiori. With Liquid UI, you can also simplify transaction screens on iOS as per your business needs.

Smarter user interface.

Give your users an UI that matches how they work, and they will work faster, smarter. The new UI improves screen visibility and usability, thereby decreasing errors and training costs. It changes the way you interact with SAP.


Unlock specific insights.

Now it's easier to search through the F4 result and get your information faster in real time. Quickly find the specific result you're looking for, using an advanced filter based on values. It efficiently locates correct information, eliminating unwanted results.


Barcode integration.

Fast and accurate. Populate your data using barcode with a single click. Furthermore, edit barcode data or program action to trigger event likes auto enter or auto-tabbing. It supports full native scanner capabilities using a built-in camera or a third party device such as Linea Pro.


Workflow and approvals.

Use device specific feature such as email for workflow integration. Configure your SAP for email and receive alert right on your device. Thus drive success on the go by enabling flexibility to approval processes.


Single sign-on support.

Unlock your users with single login credentials. It enables you to login to SAP using Windows Active Directory with Kerberos authentication. Thus leverage a consistent password policy or simplify the workload of managing thousands of usernames and passwords.


Built for speed.

Harness the power of 64-bit architecture to gain faster computing power. In addition to providing a faster rendering of data for better responsiveness and it also enables faster performance between your SAP ERP and the app.


Faster processing.

Now it's faster to scroll to your tabular data. The app has been optimized for fluid scrolling to handle a table with a large number of items across many columns. It also provides enhanced control to handle scrollable columns and static columns.


More connected app.

Everything from F1 help to F4 input to multiple sessions to multiple connections is implemented directly in the app. Furthermore, you can also customize F4 and F1 actions for custom behaviors. Thus ensuring consistency and speed across every device, from the desktop to the mobile.


Multi-language support.

Use the terminology you already know - perform day-to-day tasks in your local language. The language globalization enables personalization of the UI and improves your user's acceptance. So everyone moves faster and stay productive.


Integrate with hundreds of web services.

The app provides end-to-end integration with external programs to use the applications you already know and stay productive. You can load data into SAP from external programs like Salesforce, Excel, PDF, make RFC call, interact with web service or integrate with a database like Oracle, SQL and more.


Secure data exploration.

Now you and your entire team can confidently work on SAP wirelessly. TLS encryption ensures that your company's data is always secure. It provides more control over wirelessly transmitted data between the app and your SAP.


Automate processes.

With Liquid UI, now you can automate your SAP transactions to eliminate slow, manually dependent and error prone processes.


On-the-go printing.

Liquid UI for iOS allows wireless printing right from your SAP. It supports mobile printing on both Bluetooth and WLAN (WiFi).


Attach instantly.

Instantly attach image or video file to your SAP transaction from the device. You can either use the built-in camera to take a picture or make a video or use a picture or video from existing library.


Any endian kernel support.

No more hardware hiccups. Liquid UI now support any Endian data format. The added support means more choices to your IT department, aiding to select the right machine base on the requirements.


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Get started with iOS App today. When you sign up for a free trial, you get same SAP native screens on an iOS device that you would find on SAP GUI desktop in minutes. With Liquid UI, you can also simplify transaction screens for iOS as per your business needs.


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