Customize your SAP faster with S/4HANA, ECC, and ERP – from months to days.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Liquid UI for SAP GUI lets you simplify business processes, eliminate fields, consolidate screens, tabs, and transactions to achieve a holistic solution – while preserving transaction richness and without having to rebuild the whole transaction. Your solution can seamlessly connect to other data sources like SQL or Oracle, easily integrate with applications like Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF or Salesforce and efficiently present data from web services, javascript libraries or APIs.

Desktop - SAP PM
After Liquid UI - Role tailored dashboard for better visibility.
Desktop - SAP PM Role-based
After Liquid UI - Gain work order insights based on dates, functional location, and/or work center for better decision-making.

Desktop - SAP Customization Within SAP GUI

Liquid UI lets you customize your SAP right within the SAP GUI to achieve your customization needs in minutes.

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Simplify screens

Modify your SAP screens with ease. Start from an existing SAP transaction and customize it to fit your business needs, while preserving transaction richness.


Aggregate screens, transaction, and tabs

Automate your SAP environment and make your users more productive by consolidating screens/tabs and combining multiple transactions into one seamless business process.

Desktop - Create SAP Sales Order
After Liquid UI - Simplified SAP SD for better responsiveness.

Sales and Distribution

Empower your sales reps by streamlining actions that your reps need to perform like creating quotations, generating sales orders and to the end towards billing the customer. Furthermore, simplify your SAP SD processes to quickly access the information they need to know: from customers contact details to customers issues to each opportunity.


Plant Maintenance

Drive productivity by providing role-based dashboard, access to all work orders, notifications list, task updates and other related functions. Remove any guesswork by giving real-time access to reports, facilitating faster well-informed decisions. Reduce unplanned downtime due to data errors by adding fields validation along with hiding unused fields.


For Managers

Wouldn’t it be great if you have all relevant information in one view? How about if you could get an instant sales report or a plant equipment performance report? What if, your users have real-time access to all work orders, notifications, quotations, customers information or other related tasks at one place? With Liquid UI, you can meet these SAP customization needs and more.


For Business Users

See higher profits with better responsiveness through aggregated transactions. Uncover cost savings through streamlined, customized, and simplified processes. Avoid unplanned expenses or downtime due to data errors by adding field validations or hiding unused fields. Get process versatility to react to changing business requirements. With Liquid UI, you can meet these SAP customization challenges and more.

Desktop - SAP PM Dashboard
After Liquid UI - Segregated PM transaction details based on roles.

SAP Native

Liquid UI plugs right into your SAP, so you can get up and running right away. Moreover, because it's native, it has the same speed, scale, and security you already enjoy.


Faster Data

Liquid UI optimizes your network traffic and consolidates screens and transactions, resulting in significant performance improvements across all S/4HANA and SAP ERP processes.


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