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Liquid UI Offline (U.S. Patent # 8140617)

With or Without Network Connectivity...Our Platform-based Solution Lets You Leverage the Power of SAP In the Field

Many technicians who work in plants, on oil rigs, or outside city and county limits fixing a gas, water, or electrical lines find themselves without any network connectivity. As a result, work orders are written on a piece of paper and then the data is recorded once the technician is back within range of a network connection. To avoid errors and reduce the amount of time it takes to complete each work or service order, our Liquid UI Offline application enables technicians to handle work orders without being connected.

Flexibility In the Field

Use SAP functionality in a simplified form with or without network connectivity. Data collected outside of a network connection can be stored on just about any device (Laptops, PDA's, Pocket PC's, and Handheld Devices) and then uploaded to an organization's SAP system when access to a network becomes available. Built on the Liquid UI Platform, Liquid UI Offline, provides SAP users with configurable synchronization (single sign on). The result: easier to use and reduced IT support.


Work / Service Order Management

Work / Service Orders: View, Edit, and Create

This scenario allows technicians to create and change work orders, enter operations (individual steps carried out), planned hours, and components needed to fix the issue. View, edit, and create orders on your laptop offline and report time and materials used back to SAP. Users only receive orders relevant to them. In addition to viewing actual orders, historical order data related to technical objects can be downloaded. Best used on a rugged Windows laptop, but any laptop that meets the minimum specifications will work.

Notification Management

Notifications: Access, Troubleshoot, and Fix

This scenario enables offline management of notifications, giving field technicians access to notifications generated via your SAP database. The result is an increase in the amount of data available to them, which improves the technicians ability to troubleshoot and fix equipment on location. Downtime is decreased significantly, which greatly increase client satisfaction. Notifications are available on specified mobile devices with activities, tasks, items, and causes.


  • Provides the same look and feel as SAP ERP, which maintains familiarity for end users in the field
  • Gives access to SAP transactions when a network isn't available, leverages proven Liquid UI Platform technology through transparent user interfaces (SAP GUI or mobile interface)
  • Assign data sets (registered under individual user ID) to be managed by individual users, which reduces data inconsistencies and eliminates device dependency
  • Consolidate multi-screen transactions into one or more useful screens that fit into smaller handheld devices
  • Eliminate key strokes using RFID and barcode scanning technology
  • Highly scalable environment provides fast execution of data packets sent from Liquid UI Offline to your SAP database

Technology: Liquid UI Platform

The Liquid UI Platform is a multi-threaded 64-bit configuration engine designed to extend SAP to the desktop, web, and smart phone. It's composed of a number of building blocks, each leveraging what works best. Simple, extendable scripts are reusable enabling you to recycle the same structure and process on the SAP GUI Desktop or the latest smart phone. Complicated business logic already inside SAP no longer has to be recreated. The flexibility of this technology enables you to deliver customized SAP transactions to users based on their role or profile within your organization. Liquid UI Platform enables a user to see and work with the exact functionality needed to execute a transaction successfully.


  • Access to SAP
    Keeping SAP users connected as much as possible is very important. It is also very challenging for many users (out in the field) to connect to a reliable network and exchange data. Liquid UI Offline enables SAP users, especially those in a mobile workforce, to access their SAP transactions wherever and whenever they need-on or off the network-to complete a task.
  • Efficient Synchronization
    Utilizing the capacity utilization capability of the Liquid UI platform, this solution is designed to run in an intermittently connected mode that allows users to work Offline via their mobile device-where data is stored-allowing the user to synchronize efficiently with the SAP database when a connection is achieved.
  • Work Offline, Synchronize Later
    When you want to maximize productivity and improve customer satisfaction; when network infrastructure costs are prohibitively expensive; wherever internet access isn't available; when a large geographic area needs to be covered, for example: pipelines, substations, refineries, and pulp and paper facilities-Liquid UI Offline enables you to work Offline, while providing the capability to synchronize with the SAP database later.
  • Configurable Synchronization
    User can configure the synchronization process in Offline in one of two ways:
    • Ease of Use: Configure in favor of efficiency and ease of use by turning on single sign on support. This creates a follow up login mechanism to Offline with the same user credentials once the user logs in windows.
    • Enhanced Security: Configure in favor of enhanced security via validation of each user's windows credentials against their Offline login credentials.
  • Long Text Management
    Users can enter free text to store more comprehensible data and detail explanations for inquiries, orders, etc.
  • Drill Down Selection
    Users see data in a categorized view. Drill Down enables users to quickly find the correct information by providing easy navigation. Catalog selections in SAP notifications or functional location determination can be implemented in Offline using Drill Down Selection.
  • Integration to External Documents
    Utilizing a UNC path, users can open any document that resides in their local machine via a link provided in Offline. Users can integrate information from other sources during offline process.
  • Instant Table Management / Dynamic Table Features
    Users can modify and change the settings of tables in offline. Users can sort, resize, and move the columns of a table while saving their settings in offline for an enhanced view. Settings are kept unless the user resets to solution defaults.

*ToughBook is not include with Liquid UI Offline.