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Liquid UI for Excel

Move Data From Excel to SAP. Extract Data From SAP to Excel.

Built on Liquid UI Platform, Liquid UI Office is fully integrated with Adobe Acrobat, as well as Microsoft's core office applications. Liquid UI Office enables mass entry of data via Excel spreadsheets, uploading data from PDF forms, and spell check via Microsoft Word. Liquid UI Office also includes error handling that will identify and flag any mistakes made by a user during the data entry process.

Liquid UI Office in Action

Sales & Distribution Module

GuiXT Solution Suite

Liquid UI Office allows customers to record data in Excel and then do a mass upload to a given SAP transaction. Liquid UI Office also enables customers to extract data from a given record or transaction and modify it in the familiar interface of Excel, while providing error handling for the subsequent upload back to SAP.

Example: A user might want to create a promotion where the top one hundred customers will receive a promotion containing the same materials, the same pricing and the same shipping information. The customer could use Excel to enter the data for each customer, and then click a single button in SAP as shown below to perform a mass upload of the data to SAP.

Benefits: A SAP user is enabled to create the same kind of data for all customers in SAP. For example, in the scenario described above, the SAP user can use Excel to quickly and easily copy in the data for the customers' materials, quantities, shipping information and sales organizations using Excel's copy functionality since this data will be the same for all customers. Then once all the data is input into Excel, the single click of a button in SAP initiates the mass upload of data to SAP. Any errors will be caught by Liquid UI Office's built-in error handling mechanisms, prompting the user to correct the data before errors are introduced in the data stored in SAP.

Finance Module

GuiXT Solution Suite

Liquid UI Office enables customers to input multiple financial transactions into SAP, or who wish to extract data and modify it outside of SAP in the familiar environment of an Excel spreadsheet. Like the previous example utilizing the SD module, this is also convenient for finance users to input or extract data to and from SAP.

Example: A user might have a spreadsheet that contains data related to a financial transaction which needs to be reconciled to the data contained in SAP. In the spreadsheet, the user can modify any values necessary, using Excel's macro capabilities. Then the user would need to simply navigate to the correct screen in SAP and once again, a single button click would upload the data from Excel to SAP. As in the SD example, any errors would be caught by Liquid UI Office's error-handling mechanisms.

Benefits: The user is able to perform all data manipulation in Excel, and utilize Excel's formulas and macros to perform the basic computations needed. Then a single button-click would upload the data to SAP. Conversely, any data from a given transaction could be extracted to a specific spreadsheet using the same process. Liquid UI Office will then proceed to reconcile the spreadsheet with the SAP transaction. Any errors introduced in either the data or in the column names will be caught by Liquid UI Office's built-in error handling, enabling users to avoid inputting erroneous transactions.