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Simplify any SAP module on any device

Dramatically improve your SAP performance with patented Liquid UI Server solution. It optimizes your network traffic by managing the to and fro network communications between SAP GUI (users) and SAP ERP. It reduces latency by consolidating screens resulting in less network traffic, very helpful for remote users located in different places or across countries.

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What´s is Liquid UI Server?

Liquid UI Server is a patented solution between your SAP Server and clients that optimizes network traffic and consolidate screens and transactions, resulting in significant performance improvement across all SAP ERP modules in physical, virtual and mobile environments.

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What do you gain from Liquid UI Server?

Liquid UI Server brings lots of useful essentials to your SAP including simplified UI, centralized management, multithread architecture, seamless mobile migration, throughput improvement, load balancing, non-intrusive communication, scalability, high performance and more.

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With Liquid UI Server you can take most useful SAP ERP processes and transforms the transaction as per your unique needs. The end product is a customized, practical solution allowing to use your SAP software in a way that makes sense to you.

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