Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

WSCurl SimpleHTTP


Runs On

  SAP GUI Android iOS WM Web
Direct Connect          
Liquid UI Server Connect        


Execute a simple URL and retrieve metadata information using WSCurl.

User Interface

Log into SAP and on the SAP Easy Access Screen click on the ‘WWW.GUIXT.COM’ pushbutton which displays the IP Address in the IP Address field.

Liquid UI Script



// Function to execute a simple URL and retrieve information
function simple_http() {    
    var wsCurl = new Curl();
    /* Build the URL to make a call*/
    var completeURL = "";

    /* Note this use is for calls made to which returns us the JSON object in string*/
    wsCurl.setopt(Curl.CURLOPT_URL, completeURL);
    /* You can check the return code to avoid error data string which can be found from "wsCurl.error"
     * return value 0 means success*/
    var response = wsCurl.exec();
    var error = wsCurl.error;
    z_tmp = response.substring(0,2000);
    copytext({"fromstring":"z_tmp", "totext":"z_text"});
    /* Close the http connection for the URL fetch*/
    /* Remove any reference for Garbage Collection*/
    wsCurl= NULL;

// User Interface
pushbutton([1,0], 'WWW.GUIXT.COM', '?',{"size":[1,15], "process":simple_http});
text([3,1], "http Details below - ");
textbox([4,1], [24, 100],{"name":"z_text"});