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F4 searchhelp on Liquid UI fields


Runs On

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Liquid UI Server Connect



On a Liquid UI inputfield we can use the standard SAP F4 searchhelp display using the options of ‘searchhelp’ or ‘techname’.


User Interface

Log into SAP and on the SAP Easy Access Screen you will see 2 Liquid UI inputfields which have searchhelp options available. On clicking the highlighted icon below, it pulls up the standard SAP searchhelp.

Liquid UI Script


// Delete AxtiveX Container on SAP Easy Access screen
inputfield([1,1],"MRP Type(using searchhelp)",[1,32],{"name":"z_mm01_mrptypesearchhelp","size":2,"searchhelp":"H_T438A"});
// Using searchhelp option
inputfield([2,1],"MRP Type(using techname)",[2,32],{"name":"z_mm01_mrptypetechname","size":2,"techname":"MARC-DISMM"});  
// Using techname option