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Assign values to Liquid UI table



This example illustrates how to assign values to a Liquid UI column when the column is being used by a Liquid UI table. This differs from when the Liquid UI column is being used in an SAP table. That scenario is explained in the Liquid UI Column for SAP Table.

User Interface

Log in to SAP. On the Easy Access Screen, Liquid UI tables with Liquid UI columns are displayed.

Liquid UI Script


name = ["Chirag", "Rajesh", "Ben"];
age = [24, 31, 30];

table([0,0], [10,25], {"name":"z_table", "title":"LiquidUI Table", "rows":name.length});
column("Name", {"name":"z_column1", "size":10});
column("Age", {"name":"z_column2", "size":5});

    z_table.z_column1[x] = name[x];
    z_table.z_column2[x] = age[x];

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